Yonderlust Travel Policies

Wondering what to expect from your travel agent?

Yonderlust Travel is a fully licensed, full service travel agency and travel planning service.  My mission is to craft a unique experience for each of my clients, and take the hassle out of planning.  I specialize in travel research and itinerary planning, and would love to take the legwork out of planning any trip, whether that is a cruise, a resort, a cross country train ride, or simply needing to know the best itinerary and necessary equipment for a multi-day backpacking trek through the mountains!

Whether you already have an idea in mind of what you want your trip to look like, or want assistance with scouting out options and planning an itinerary, or simply need help with expert suggestions, I can take care of each and every detail of the planning experience.  Need to know what tours are available in your destination? What sights you can fit into your allotted vacation time? Where the best centrally located hotels or vacation rentals are that are also pet friendly? Or how to create a customized road trip to be able to see the national parks in your state?  Or what equipment and gear you need to go camping?  In our hectic lives, time is valuable, so let me take care of the legwork and free you up to do more important things!

Here’s what to expect when hiring Yonderlust Travel:

  • There is a $50 dollar up front planning and research fee for all interested clients (payable through Paypal or similar agent), upon initial conversation and procurement of my services
  • After confirming receipt of planning fee, I will begin researching your trip and present you with detailed options within a prompt and agreed upon timeframe
  • Once a client has booked their trip through Yonderlust Travel and travel is confirmed with first payment, you will receive a 50% refund of your planning fee
Road Tripping through Utah

Road Tripping through Utah